Day 92: Two steps forward one step back.

Monday 7 June 2010

After yesterday's disastrous leak I made a quick run to Amber Leisure in Hitchin, surprisingly I only paid about 10p more per cartridge of non-setting bedding mastic than I did in buying from the Internet, but I did save myself £9.85 in postage. A quick scan around their shop showed that they were not alot dearer for a whole range of things including leisure batteries.

Today's first job was to strip off the roof light. When I did it became immediately apparent why we were leaking. The run of mastic around the front edge where there is a large overhang had not even touched the roof of the van and where I had pumped mastic in  between the roof ridges and below the overhang it has not penetrated far enough back.

With the mastic cleaned from the roof and the bulk of it scraped from the rooflight, (boy does the stuff get everywhere) I started on the refitting. This time I built up the roof to the height of the ribs using ribbon type bedding mastic giving a fairly stiff wall around the hole, next I applied a 15-20mm diameter bead of non-setting bedding mastic around the lip of the rooflight, then the rooflight was dropped in the hole and the inner section screwed back on clamping the hole thing together. Inspection of the exterior of the rooflight showed the mastic to have contacted all the way round and to have oozed out arround the edges, a quick tidy upwith a spatula and wet finger and hopefully we are all watertight.

With the rooflight refitted it was back to work in the van, fitting the bulkhead and edge veneering the profile.


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