Day 95-98: Teston

Monday 14 June 2010

Thursday evening was spent cleaning out and loading up the van and making the beds for a weekend away. As yet I put a safety rail on the bunk bed, because the beds haven't got the standard head room, and will have limited access from the head end, it is difficult to judge the size of the rail I need, as a result I've made up a temporary board and clamped to the side of the bunk, I've also packed the handsaw in the van just in case I need to adjust it.  Happily all the kites, chairs and other sundries fit in the locker under the double bed with room to spare. In fact much of the stuff that was packed under the bed won't be needed once the van is finished.

Friday saw the last of the items needed  for the weekend being loaded, and having picked up Leng from work we set off for Teston Bridge Kite Weekend arriving at about 23:00, which caused some problems since the gates to the field were locked, but the keys were found and we were let in.

Saturday: After an excellent nights sleep, the foam mattresses were much harder than expected, the day was spent catching up with people we haven't seen since last season, flying a few kites and giving tours of the van. Many of our visitors turned out to be regular readers of this blog and cast members from The Secret Diary of Manky Badger. To all of you, thank-you for your kind comments.

Sunday: We all slept in, normally when we camp I am up at the crack of dawn, but none of us woke till 9am so the beds obviously work.

Having spent the weekend away using the van I have reached the conclusion that I do need to look at redesigning the toilet/shower cubical either to make it smaller or to make it so that it reduces in size when not in use as it restricts access to the bed too much.


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