Day 117: Cushions

Friday 2 July 2010

We took advantage of my taking the day off work, to make a run over to Ikea in Milton Keynes, primarily to pick up another mattress but we also picked up a pan set, consisting of a stainless steel milk pan, saucepan with lid and a casserole again with lid for a mere £1.59.

The evening was then spent chopping up the foam out of the mattress to start making the cushions for the front seats. Leng has bought some cheap  duvet covers from Tesco, which we will use to the cover the foam to and prevent it getting damaged and dirty until we can upholster them properly.

Amazingly by using 100mm thick mattresses from Ikea we have only paid £167 for everything, whilst others are paying £300-£600 for their foam.


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