Day 118: I have the power

Saturday 3 July 2010

I could equally have entitled this post 'I see the light'. After the regular weekly shop (an expensive one this week stocking up on food and drink for tomorrows BBQ and Brighton Kite Festval), I made a run to Amber Leisure over in Hitchin to pick up a couple of 85Ah batteries. They were very busy this morning with what looked like three caravans and a motorhome being picked up, and all those picking up there new purchases appeared to be in their late 50's early 60's which is probably about right given the price of the items they has purchased.

The afternoon was spent levelling off the floor of the empty half of the passenger seat box and installing the batteries. Having checked that my CBE system powered up on the leisure batteries, I hooked the system up to the van battery and the ignition switched feed and checked again. The system appears to be fully operational and I get an LED indicating that the leisure battery is charging from the van alternator when the ignition is on. I just now need an EHU cable and I can then test the  240v AC side of the system.

Last job of the day was to install a light in the living area. I picked up the light whilst I was at Amber Leisure, I was marked down to £9 from £18 as it had lost it packaging


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