Day 129: Tank and toilet

Wednesday 14 July 2010

My tank arrived today as did my order containing the rest of the bits for the water system.Whilst the tank arrived in perfect condition being wrapped in so much bubble wrap that it was almost double in size, my order from O'Leary's was incorrect, I am missing a waste pipe grommet and they shipped me only 1m of water filler pipe instead of the 2m that I ordered and have paid for.

Still we all make mistakes, the measure of the company will how they respond to my e-mail reporting the issue. Anyway whilst I hold judgement on O'Leary's, I am impressed by GFG Plastics Ltd, they turned arround my custom tank order in less than a week and the quality of the workmanship is clean particularly on the welds and I actually didn't expect to receive the drain cock and a set of hose tails for the tank that they included. So I have nothing more to buy for the tank other than maybe some rubber strip to prevent damage to the tank from the supports and the chassis rails

This evening I finished off the reveal on the kitchen window, and then trimmed down the fresh water tank probe and fitted it to the tank. One of the extras I had fitted to the tank was a 100mm inspection hatch so that I could fit the Cbe tank probe which has a large internal nut.
Hopefully I will get the replacement pipe and grommet by the weekend so that I can get the tank fitted, though weather permitting I will possibly work on the tank and it's supports tomorrow along with the filler cap which is bigger than I expected.


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