Day 131: Fresh water tank again

Friday 16 July 2010

Yesterday I forgot to mention that Leng made a trip to Lidls for a a fire extinguisher, first aid kit and reflective vests for the three of us. As usual with their special offers they were significantly cheaper than they are available elsewhere, we just now need a warning triangle and a set of bulbs and we are all set to take the van abroad. The first aid kit fits perfectly in a pocket moulded into the storage unit below the pocket in the driver's side door, I just need a sticker to stick on to the smooth section of the cover of the storage unit, so that people are aware there is a first aid kit behind the panel.

Before work I popped over to Tesco to make use of the 5p off per litre before it expired and fill the van up with Diesel. At the moment I am brim filling the tank so that I can work out the mpg we are getting. The trip to Brighton last weekend came out at an average of 24.2mpg which is not bad given the 4hour stop-start trip down to Stanmer Park. Whilst out I also popped into Wickes and picked up some M10 nuts and washers.

First job of the evening was get the water tank fitted, then I moved onto the filler point the hole for which was cut out using the jigsaw and finally all the holes in the floor for the filler hose, sink waste, in coming fresh water and the tank breather. All the cut edges were then primed before putting the van away for the night.


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