Day 132: Water

Saturday 17 July 2010

I finished off the fitting of the water tank filler this morning, then along with the fill, vent and supply hoses. After lunch we made a quick run to Tesco to get a watering van, which once scrubbed, was used to fill the water tank. Its not that we wont be filling the tank with a hose in the future, its just that I wanted to check the capacity of the tank and make a note of the amount of water in the tank at the point the LEDs on the CBE control panel change.

Seven and a half watering cans of water later and having had to nip up all the pipe joints on the tank to stop the drips, I can confirm the capacity of the tank to be roughly 67L and that the LED change at roughly 20L, 40L and 60L.

Rather than just dumping the water, I installed the water pump and a long hose and pumped the water out onto the garden. This also confirmed the capacity of the tank, the pump has a flow rate of 7L/min and it took about 9min of continuous punping until the pump ran dry.

Before packing away for the day I cut down some 6mm birch ply for the upper kitchen wall.


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