Day 143: Gas

Wednesday 28 July 2010

With all the gas pipework done, Bon-bon and I made a quick run out to Royston to fill up with LPG. Unfortunately the pump was on the wrong side and in the corner of the forecourt, thus I ended up having to back into the corner, however whilst doing so the station manager came out an give me instruction on how to use the pump.

In the end I only part filled the tank which set me back £17 for 26L of gas. According to the gauge under the van this has about 80% filled the tank. I have decided not to add a repeater gauge inside the van since I see no real need, as we can just go along to the garage an top up each time we use the van so we should never run out.

This evening I opened the main valve of the tank and got a satisfying hiss as the pipework filled (or so I thought). Working from the fill point and using children's bubble solution (its a lot cheaper than gas fitter's leak detector) I worked long the pipework checking all the fitting for leaks. Satisfied there were no leaks I turned on the hob gas taps to total silence. No Gas!

An hour's diagnostic work isolated the problem to a dodgy connector on the gas isolation solenoid. This fixed, I retested all the joints and fittings, again no leaks even though this time everything was pressurised. Satisfied, the gas rings were bled to remove the air from the pipes and then the gas ignited and a kettle boiled.


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