Day 144: Odds and sods

Thursday 29 July 2010

Every time I finish off a major stage, I always seem to find myself a bit deflated and at a loose end. Today was no exception, having basically finished the kitchen area for the moment I was swanning around not really knowing what to do next. In the end I settled on cleaning off the Sink and Hob unit with the paste that SMEV supplied with it, then I made a temporary curtain for the cab. So far we have been using a bit of sheeting and some spring clamps, though at Brighton we found that in tidying up we had taken both the sheet and the clamps out of the van and had to make do with a rug that we have been using on the floor.

Thus I have now made up a curtain out of a bit of old duvet cover which attaches to the studs in the bulkhead. Whilst I had the sewing machine out I also made up a prototype bag to fit under the bench seats that we can pack stuff in. The plan is to have a series of bags that we can pack clothes etc in that just drop into the bench seating, and just lift out, thus making packing and unpacking easy. Unfortunately the prototype is a bit soft, so I need to dig out my stock of corset boning to see if I can stiffen it up without adding to much weight.

Oh yes, remember the problem I had with the short shipped pipework from O'Leary's, I forgot to mention that they have shipped a replacement 2m length and the missing grommet no questions asked , so they are back in my good books again. I am now waiting on the 12volt shop who seem to be a bit tardy in sending out my light fittings that I ordered at the weekend.

Anybody want a 2m length of 38mm water filler pipe? I have some going cheap.


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