Days 127 and 128: Parts and Reveals

Tuesday 13 July 2010

Having had the weekend off to go to Brighton Kite Festival, I just didn't have the urge to get back to working on the van on Monday so the evening was spent trawling the Internet for parts for the water system. By the time Leng arrived home from work, I had ordered all the bits I need  for the cold water system and sufficient additional pipe to run in what we need for the hot water system pending buying a water heater.

I had a phonecall today from GFG Plastics Ltd to say that my tank was ready for delivery and to request my card details before they sent it off by courier. Not bad going since I only ordered it on Thursday.

This evening was spent making up the reveal arround the kitchen window. This is a time consuming job since the side timbers have differing curves on both edges and the top and bottom pieces are tapered. So far I have the two sides and the top frame pieces completed plus an additional double curved timber adjacent to the main partition to support the edge of the wall when it gets fitted.


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