Day 155: Toilet cubical

Monday 9 August 2010

After a week off  during which we took the van to the Kiteflyers's Jolly-up in Cliddesden and the Kiteflyer's Picnic at Teston Bridge and did very little to the van other than to fit the floor for the toilet cubical, tonight it was back to work on the van.

The first job of evening was to route the water pipe round the back of where the fridge will be, under the bed and across the bed. It was then onto the rear wall of the toilet cubical. We have bought a Thetford C200CS cassette toilet, this is an electric flush unit that uses water from the main tank, however what we wanted was a C200S which is the same toilet without the 12cm deep rear section. Unfortunately the C200S is very hard to come by, but luckily the rear section of the C200CS simply unscrews and the panel with the flush button and waste tank indicator pops out.

With the cubical wall starting to take shape life has got difficult with regard to getting in and out of the van. The only access at the rear of the van is now in over the top of the lower bunk.


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