Day 157: Toilet cubicle again

Wednesday 11 August 2010

Thanks to lastnight's preparation, clear skys, an early start and the speed of PU wood glue I was able to assemble the side wall of the toilet cubicle before leaving for work.

At lunchtime it was a quick trip to Wickes and Amber Leisure to pick up, respectively, some twinwall edge trim and a straight pipe joiner.

Then this evening the edge of the wall piece was trimmed with veneer before gluing and screwing the panel into the van.

With the panel in place it was onto the twinwall pvc lining, apart from an early hiccup which resulted in a length being wasted because I missed a damaged section on the top piece before cutting it, fitting this material proved to be very easy.

The material needs to be cut using a sharp knife or a very fine saw otherwise it can fracture but other than that forming internal and external corner is as easy as slitting and removing sections from the rear side of the panel and carefully bending it, plus edges can be formed and tidied using a file or sand paper. With a little practice on some scrap even cutting the hole in the panel to take the toilet flush proved easy.

Fixing the panels was just as easy as forming them. With an end piece glued (using FC-40) and stapled to the wall, it was simply a case of applying FC-40 to the wall frame and slotting the tongue and groove panels together. With the panel in place the tab on the groove edge was secured to the wooden frame using a staple gun in order to hold it in place whilst the glue cures.

With just one more piece of twinwall to do I should hopefully be able to plumb the toilet in tomorrow, ready for our next trip away, this time to a site without toilets.


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