Day 159-Day 161: Chillin at Sumners Ponds

Sunday 15 August 2010

With the toilet fitted it was off to Sumners Ponds for the weekend with some of the other Kite Weekenders. Given that it wasn't a festival we took things easy, my only plan being to be on and off the M25 before midday. As it was we were all loaded and on the road by 10:15 and made the trip without a hitch arriving by 12:30.
One thing we did do was make a stop to fill up with cheap diesel on the A414, paying just 115.9p/l rather than the 118.9p/l it is around here. Since getting the van we have been making note of garages with cheap fuel, these all seem to be on dual carriage ways where if you miss them the journey to get back to them means that any savings are outweighed by the amount of fuel you use.

On arrival at Sumners Ponds we were quickly setup and the van leveled, then we all proceeded to christen the toilet.

In the end Friday and Saturday turned out to be a bit of a washout though it did clear up for the communal BBQ on Saturday evening when we were treated to a Fireworks show, which was reciprocated by the flight of one of Big John's electric kites.

Sunday turned out to be much better and a range of kites were flown in the morning whilst the afternoon saw a series of kite fights.

As with the trip down the trip home was uneventful though I used less diesel than I expected and when I came to empty the toilet cassette down the manhole in the driveway it turned out that the normal pipe had blocked again and sewage was flowing through the overflow pipe, even though the council unblocked it only a couple of months ago.


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