Day 165: Complicated holes

Thursday 19 August 2010

This evening I routed the holes for the concealed bolts in the moving section of the cubicle wall. Talk about complicated, there are thirteen separate dimensions on the installation drawing for the hole, and the drawing is so small it is difficult to read some of the figures even with a magnifying glass.

Cutting the holes and applying the edge veneer took all the evening so I am a bit behind schedule this week. Still the forecast for the weekend has turned for the worse so we probably won't be going to the Norfolk Coast or attending Hunstanton kite festival. Which is probably a good thing since I haven't found a site that wasn't full or unwilling to let us in because of the size of the van.

On a different note I have been astounded of late by the arrogance of some of the learner driver's in our area, though I suppose I shouldn't have been. It appears that the local authority has changed the layout of the car park that is used by the local test centre and as a result learners are failing their tests before they even leave the car park because they are clipping kerbs, cars and the ticket machines on the barriers. As result these learner drivers have been writing to the local paper claiming the that it was unfair and blaming the council for their failures and wasted expenditure rather than their inadequate driving skills, and the poor judgement of their instructors for allowing them to apply for their tests. All I can say is thank goodness for the council designing an awkward car park and for the examiners for using it and keeping these potential killers off the roads until they can actually control their vehicles.


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