Day 167: Illogical pricing

Saturday 21 August 2010

I picked up my adhesive from the timber yard this morning along with some hinges for the house internal kitchen door and for the toilet wall in the van, whilst we were on the way to do our weekly shop. After which we made a run to Stevenge, for Leng to pick up some ingredients whilst I popped into B&Q to pick up a replacement roller catch for Bon-bon's wardrobe and a set of folding door gear for the van toilet door.

Now the roller catch is nothing special, just your normal everyday double roller cupboard door catch and it cost me £2.98 which I didn't think was too dear. On the other hand the folding door gear consists of a track, 3 hinges, 3 pivots, a door handle, plus all the screws and extras to fit a bi-fold door, not a lightweight cupboard door but a full size room door and it cost £2.71, that's 27p less than the door catch!?!

Having rehung the the kitchen door straight after lunch: over the past 10 years the sold brass hinges have worn to such a degree that the door was dragging on floor, the rest of the afternoon was then spent fitting the folding toilet wall panel into the van and constructing the upper part of the cubicle.

On the kiting front I had a parcel arrive from China today containing the five thirty kite 90ft kite trains I ordered off of e-bay. Also in the box was s silk swallow kite labelled 'Free Gift'. I now can't wait for some decent weather to try them all out. However before trying the trains I shall be making the a light weight sled to stabilise the first kite in the train.


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