Day 169: Toilet Door

Monday 23 August 2010

I don't know where the time went this evening, having started at 18:00 it seemed to be no time before it got too dark to work; looking at the clock it was 21:30. Reviewing what I had  done, I did actually acheive a fair bit, primarily because I had prepared all the sheet wood yesterday.

Working through the list, I framed the rear of the toliet front wall, and then applied the lining. After that I lined the lower half of the van wall inside the toilet leaving just the reveal around the toilet window and the associated upper section of the wall lining to do. The framing was also glued to one of the halves of the toilet door and the framing timber cut for the other half.

With a significant amount of rain forecast for this week, I am taking every opportunity I can to prep my materials since gluing and assembly can be done indoors whereas cutting is a little messy and no matter how tidy I am, Bon-bon is likely to blab and I'll get moaned at. 

Having caught up at the weekend, since we didn't go to the Norfolk coast on Saturday and Hunstanton Kite Festival on Sunday due to the dire, I still have a tight schedule this week as next weekend is the big one, so I will probably end up gluing things together first thin in the morning.


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