Day 170: Early start and EHU

Tuesday 24 August 2010

With my looming deadline, I started early this morning getting the second skin on the first half of the toilet door before breakfast. By the time breakfast was over the adhesive had cured enough to remove the clamps and start assembling the frame onto the second half of the door. I then at lunch time I finshed fitting the frame to the second panel.

This evening the final skin was fitted, and all the edges of the door panels and the frame trimmed and sanded ready for trial fitting tomorrow.

Due to an oversight we managed to leave bits and pieces running on the leisure battery after our trip to Sumners Pond, luckily we haven't damaged the batteries as the PC 100 system shut down the power before the batteries could be fully discharged. Thus it was that Leng popped into Amber Leisure on her way home from Hitchin and picked up an EHU lead. This proved to be £5 dearer than buying it off the internet but then the internet one had an aadditional £9 shipping charge so I'm £4 in pocket. Anyway thus it was that the van went onto EHU this evening and the batteries put in charge. It also means I don't have to run out the normal extension lead when I want to use my power tools in the van or when we need to use the vacuum cleaner.


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