Day 171: So near yet do far

Wednesday 25 August 2010

Rain, rain, rain rain, rain. It just didn't stop raining this evening, if anything it got heavier.  Still thanks to my prior preparation I was able to trim the door frame and test fit the fixed side of the door. Unfortunately that is as far as I got, as on checking the fit of the second half of the door I found that I need to trim both halves to get a good fit, plus the fixed half has a slight concave on the moving edge.

With the garage still full of timber (though it's rapidly emptying) and no room to work in the van I have nowhere to work on large pieces such as the door other than outside (I'm not allowed to work in the house). However if it continues to rain tomorrow and the forecast is for more rain, I am going to have to resort to working indoors if I am going to get the door fitted on schedule.

A message appeared on the the SBMCC forum yesterday to the effect that due to the amount of business members have be doing with Shoreline, they are cancelling our 10% discount with immediate effect, which is a bit of a blow since we had intended sourcing our fridge from Shoreline. However the message went on to say that Shoreline were giving club members a new discount of 15% effective till the VAT increase so we have 4 months in which to take advantage of the new offer, and so I know what my birthday/Christmas present is going to be.


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