Day 179: Toilet wall

Thursday 2 September 2010

With another early start, I had planned on getting started on the van early this afternoon, but events conspired against me and we ended up doing a shopping and banking trip to Letchworth. However despite this I was able to measure up, mark out, cut and fit the upper section of the toilet wall before it got too dark to work.

The fitting of the wall did however necessitate the temporary removal of the toilet door. It just now remains to line the lower half of the wall with twinwall and trim the wind reveal and the toilet is complete all bar the varnishing and fitting of accessories.

I made the decision this evening that tomorrow will be the last week night that I work on the van, from here on I shall be restricting work to the weekend, though Monday will be a big clear up and sort out session. Thus Tuesday will mark the start of the Autmun/Winter kite building season.


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