Day 180: The last evening

Friday 3 September 2010

Last night I discovered that I am short of a half sheet of 6mm birch faced ply, plus I am running low on PU wood adhesive again. So I made a detour to Hertfordshire Timber Supplies on the way into work this morning, ordered some more ply and purchased some more instant grab adhesive and a pot of 5 minute adhesive.

The cartridge instant grab is thick which makes it ideal for sticking stuff to vertical and inverted surfaces, whilst the 5 minute adhesive is much more liquid and ideal for other constuction projects. As I've mentioned previously the great thing about these adhesives is the speed at which they cure, plus they have D4 (exterior) rating.

What I didn't notice was that I was short of corner moulding, thus I failed to get any and this evening I managed to only trim out three sides of the toilet window reveal.

Well thats it, the last weekday evening working on the van. As I've been saying all week, its now getting dark too early to work outside for any reasonable length of time. Anyway if it wasn't for the shortage of 6mm ply I would have got the lining finished this weekend so there isn't much more to do now and we are basically at the end of the kite festival season so I have no major deadlines to meet other than the MOT in a couple of months time.


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