Day 183: Not so grand tidy-up

Monday 6 September 2010

I was quite surprised to get a phonecall from the Timberyard this morning to say my sheet of 6mm Birch faced ply was in, so the first job this evening was clean out the van; removing all the props and wedges, tidying away the tools and sweeping the floors. depending on the weather forecast I'll try and do an early to pick the plywood up before work. Then it was on to the garage.

The garage clean up wasn't as complete as I had planned unfortunately the rubbish bags turned out to be rubbish bags. As soon as I put anything heavier than wood shavings in them they stretched and tore. I'll have to get some of our scrap bags from work, they may not be good enough to send to customers but they are a darned sight better than the crap that supermarkets are selling these days.

Anyway despite the handicap of not being able to bag up most of the rubbish I did manage to clear a large section of the floor so at least we can pack away the garden furniture and Bon-bons bikes and access to the freezer is a little easier.

Great minds obviously think alike, one of my fellow bloggers and followers has been purging his Facebook friends list, something that I too have been doing over the past few days. I have acquired a number of 'friends' whose sole interest seems be collect firends, they don't appear to contribute anything just merely acquire 'friends', so these people have gone.


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