Day 185: Selling the surplus

Wednesday 8 September 2010

I have just sold the 2m of filler hose that I received due to the error by O'Leary, to a fellow self builder after he was quoted nearly three time the value of the tube he wanted to have it delivered. For some reason the retailer was only prepared to use a courier to ship the pipe up to Scotland and wanted to charge of £30 for the privilege. I sent the pipe via Royal Mail as a packet for about £5.

I have also listed my surplus PVC coated 8mm copper gas pipe for sale on the SBMCC forum. I have 10m for sale at £1.50 per metre plus postage which comes out at £22.06 delivered. I've just now got to wait to see if I get any takers.

Meantime I have appliqued  the black details onto the bear cub.


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