Day 189: Lining and trimming

Sunday 12 September 2010

After yesterday's less than productive day, today was the complete opposite. The first job of the morning was to cut and install the last piece of wall lining and within little over an hour it as glued and tacked in place and drying.

Then it was back to the lining I fitted last weekend to trim out the window reveal, and by luchtime I not only had I trimmed last weekend's window reveal but today's as well.

After lunch and a short break to watch the Italian Grand Prix, it was on to the bulkhead, having spent about half an hour faffing around trying to make a template for the partition which included all the holes for the studs, I engaged my brain and used the actual bulkhead itself which we still have stored in the garage.
Cutting out the first piece of the new wooden bulkhead proved quite straight forward. At this point I packed up for the weekend, I feel a trip to Ikea coming on as I need to get some curtain rail to incorporate in the the bulkhead before I progress too far.


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