Day 197: Van and graphics

Monday 20 September 2010

Despite having said I wouldn't work on the van during the week, this evening was spent working on the van. The first job was to measure up the exterior position of the windows. I had a drawing when cut the holes way back at Easter, but this was only an indicative drawing, the final position of the windows was tweaked to match the van panels and internal ribbing, but I need a more accurate drawing for the van graphics.
With the van on EHU I have both power and light, so since I didn't need to cut wood out side, I worked in the van and routed off the edges of the bulkhead woodwork, I now just need to fill and veneer the internal edge of the hole.

I have a concept and sketches for the exterior graphics for the van that I am happy with, and hopefully someone to make them for me; I just need confirmation that they have three different grey vinyls as well as black vinyl and what form they can accept vector graphic files in. In the meantime I am adding the windows to the scale drawing I have from the VW website and working on the individual sections in the graphics. One thing I am short of is a vector silhouette of a kiteflyer, since I need a number to complete the overall design, I had wondered about creating different ones from photographs of actual kiteflyers that I know and allowing people to actually find themselves on the side of the van.


Anonymous 20 September 2010 at 21:15  

I'm sure most kiteflyers would be privilaged to find themselves on the side of your van :-)

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