Day 202: Missed milestone

Saturday 25 September 2010

Thursday marked 200 days of ownership, but since I'm only working on it at the weekend I missed the occasion. Still today as a result of getting my hair cut we were up out and back from shopping before 10:00am; I hate waiting for hours at the barbers and thus wasting my Saturday so I try and get there for 7:30am when Shelley opens up. This morning despite arriving 10minutes early I was second in the queue.

With the early start I was able to make significant progress, thus before breaking for lunch I had completed the cutting and fitting the shelf part of the pelmet and the vertical ribs above the pelmet to allow the attachment of the remaing section of the lining to the steel bulkhead.

After lunch I made a start on the template for the remaining piece if the lining, however it soon became apparent that making this piece out of a single piece of ply was going to require a lot of work and a relatively large piece of material, thus I made an executive decision and went for three pieces. Thus I quickly had the two outer templates cut which were rapidly followed by the ply pieces that were then glued in place. At this point I called it a day and packed away for the evening whilst the adhesive cured.


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