Day 203: Another milestone

Sunday 26 September 2010

Following yesterday's progress, all I had to do today was to manufacture the template for the final section of lining and the section of ply itself. This proved easier said than done due to the complex curves of the alarm sensor housing and the cut out for the CBE PC100 control panel.
Despite these complexities the final section of lining was cut and glued in place prior lunch.

The afternoon was spent packing away my tools and clearing, vacuuming and dusting the van. Luckily whilst clearing the remaining beer from the bench seat prior to vacuuming I found the lid to the bottle of liquid PU adhesive I opened yesterday. When I couldn't find the lid yesterday, I had visions that I had managed to glue it behind one of the lining panels.

With the lining all in place I just have the cupboards and trim to do and I am ready to varnish everything.

I received my insurance reminder in the week, the van is currently still insured as a white van, next time however I shall be insuring it as a motor caravan, so I need to get some quotes from insurers who specialise in insuring self build conversions. Despite the van being theoretically worth more once it is converted the insurance premiums are reputedly less, plus I get discounts from some insurers due to my SBMCC membership.


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