Day 224: Cupboards

Sunday 17 October 2010

After yesterday's abortive day, I managed to complete a resomable amount today. Focusing solely on the seating area top cupboard I completed the framing and fitted the inner and outer skins on the base.
With both the cupboards at the same point I also managed to rough cut the front skins before the light failed. The skins are slightly oversize sin the top edges needs to trimmed to match the slight undulations that are in the roof lining.

As yet I haven't finallised the design of the cupboard doors, I have several ideas as to how I want to go but the first issue is going to be the sourcing of some appropriately sized double cranked hinges, for without these I cannot finalise the door sizes and the door apperture sizes.

I forgot to mention yesterday that I sent an email over to my kite fabric supplier to see if they print on paper, (their main business these days is printing on fabric not kites), I will have to wait to see if they do and what their prices are like.  


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