Day: 226: Ordering the Fridge

Tuesday 19 October 2010

Back on Day 171 I mentioned that the SBMCC club discount on Shoreline fridges had been upped to 15% until December, so it was today that I judged that the timing was right to purchase our fridge; I have the maximum duration on the credit card bill, the bill should be cleared before we start adding the Christmas and Birthday spending andI will get maximum discount on the fridge.

Placing the order was straight forward, just a case of a phonecall supplying my credit card details, address and SBMCC membership information and the fridge should be with us on Friday.

I have has a go at redrawing the pattern layouts for this winter's kite project using a 1500mm paper width and I have managed to get the linear length down such that it is cheaper to pay the £5/m rather than the £2.50/m and keep the business with the kite fraternity. 


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