Day 229: Happy Birthday to Me

Friday, 22 October 2010

I feel old, though I think that is more due to having a cold than it is down to it being my birthday today. Thankyou to everyone one who sent birthday greetings via Facebook, and the KiteWeekenders and SBMCC forums.

 The fridge arrived this morning, all palletised up, but apperently the nice lady lorry driver, stripped it off the pallet, brought it into the house and took the pallet away.

Having stripped the top of the box off, Leng made the comment that it looks bigger than the built-in fridge in the kitchen and she is possibly right. I'm now just a little worried as to whether it will fit in the van it looks so big, but the imensions are right.

Looking at the part numbers on the packing and what I can see of the logo under the Shoreline labels, it looks like the fridge is actually a Fridgemaster MTRR102A that has been re-compressored witha Danfoss 21/24v DC compressor.

The only downside of the unit is that it has no door latch however the door is reversible and I have a cunning plan...


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