Day 356: Back to work

Saturday 26 February 2011

A couple of weeks ago I popped into Amber Leisure to see if I could pick up a replacement cover for our mains inlet (I clipped  it on the wall and damaged it), only to find the site empty and locked up. According to their website they were still operating from their Hitchin Site (but this has now changed), but searching the web it appears that they were just closed down by the owner of the group supposedly on a whim, but how true that is I have no idea.

Whilst not the cheapest source of material Amber Leisure were useful when buying the odd item since although the items were a few pence dearer than off of the web there was no postage to pay and so overall the overall cost was less. Stumped for some where local to get bits I ended up resorting to Yellow Pages, and rediscovered Willmond Engineering. Its amazing how you forget places and I wish I had remembered them earlier. I just don't know why I didn't as may father had several tow bars from them and I have hired trailers from them in the past plus they have always stocked caravan and trailer spares.

Anyway we popped in this morning and bought some odds and sods including a tube of Sikaflex 221 to adhere the Solar Panel to the roof, and I ended up kicking myself as a number I items that I have bought elsewhere and paid postage for were actually cheaper.

With the days getting warmer and the evenings getting lighter and the new kite flying season fast approaching  and despite the damp weather I took the opportunity to restart work on the van. I would have liked to get up on the roof to clean it down to fit the Solar Panel but it was just too wet, instead I settled with starting on the varnishing as I need the cabinet under the sink varnished in order to fit the oven.

After much sanding to prepare the surfaces and remove the scuff marks from peoples shoes and where Bon-bon has spilt juice I got the first coat on the galley base cabinet, the partitian walls and the seat boxes.


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