Day 362: More Varnishing and Expenditure

Saturday 5 March 2011

Despite not having finished the top cupboards yet, I want to get the oven installed and to do so I need to get the cabinet under the hob varnished. I got a first coat on last weekend, so this afternoon I sanded down the surfaces that had been sealed with a first coat last weekend and got a second coat on today.

As I mentioned last weekend, my varnishing has extended beyond just the cabinet in the galley and encompasses all the birch ply that reaches the floor, the reason being that I want to get the floor covering in as soon as possible so that we can get the fridge out of the living room and back into the van and permanently fixed in place.

Having got a second coat of varnish on and the tools all cleaned up (its so much easier with the water based floor varnish I'm using), it was on-line to order the flooring and uphosltery fabric. Orignally we had looked on the local market and flooring suppliers at their flooring off-cuts but they are still quite expensive for off-cuts of what when you read the label isn't going to be particularly hardwearing material, thus we have gone for an offcut of non-slip commercial grade Altro flooring. At the same time I ordered the upholstery fabric for the seat cushions, it is foam backed Volkswagan Inka fabric to match the seats in the cab and at £18 per metre comes in as expensive as the flooring. Also being ordering mode I sourced some continuous size from my regular supplier who has an store on e-bay so that the covers can be made removable, I just now need some grey thread to match the fabric for the quilting on the cushions.

I intend to use my bonded nylon thread that I used for Hello Kitty for the structural stitching, so I am just about all set to cover the seat cushions, which should keep me going until the clocks go forward later this month and I have lighter evenings to work outside.


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