Year 2 Day 12: Black Mold

Sunday 20 March 2011

Having got the flooring done I made a start this morning on the vanity panel which closes off the area under the sink and hob which houses the water pump and could eventually house a water heater and provides the side wall to the fridge area.

The first job was to extract some ply from my stock in the garage, lifting the polythene off the stack I saw the one thing that I hoped would not happen but half expected, black mold. Obviously some moisture has got in along one edge, but luckily for me I have only a couple of offcuts that are affected and they only have mold on one edge for a length of about 60cm and width of 10cm.

Having extracted the ply that I needed I made a start on the panel, it was then a case of switching between the panel and the fascia for the top cupboard over the galley as pieces of batten were glued and attached. As it was by the end of the day the vanity panel was complete and already had two coats of varnish on it and the cupboard fascia had been trimmed to size and three of the eight battens attached.


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