Year 2 Day 3: Oven and Extinguisher

Friday 11 March 2011

With a day and a half of my holiday allocation to take before the end of the month I took this afternoon off, which gave me the time in the daylight to fit the oven. Having applied five coats of varnish to the cupboard under the sink the oven was just slid in, wired up to the 12V dc system to power the internal light and igniter, plumbed into the gas and secured with screws.

Having installed the the oven at first I thought I had a problem because the although the igniter was sparking the flame was not lighting, that was until all the air bled out of the newly fitted pipework to be replaced with gas which ignited giving me a flame.

With time to spare and the relevant wood varnished I took the opportunity to fit the fire extinguisher in its final location on the end of the bench seating adjacent to the sliding door.

Then it was just a case of tidying up the tools and sweeping the floor. The biggest problem that we have is that the previous owner of the house had the driveway and front path tarmaced. Whether this was done by professionals or gypsies I have my suspicions but the tarmac is only about 6mm thick and it is breaking up badly so everytime we step in to the van we bring in loads of little stones with us. Thus with the van reversed back into its storage position I swept the drive clearing even more of it back to bare concrete and ending up with a larger expanse of bare conrete and a couple more bags of waste tarmmac.


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