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Make: Dometic
Model: Seitz S4
Supplier: Leisure Vehicle Windows tel: 01536 266130

Adhesives and Sealants
PU Adhesive: O'Leary FC40
Bedding Compound: Seamseal CV
Supplier: O'Leary Motor Homes tel: 01482 868632

High Temperature Resistant Contact Adhesive: HTA 1000
Supplier: Wayside Adhesives Ltd tel: 01159 333 321

Make: YBS Insulation
Model: Airtec Double

PSE, Hardwood WBP Ply, Birch Faced Ply
Supplier: Hertfordshire Timber Supplies Ltd tel: 01462 686 838

LPG Gas Tank and Fittings
Supplier: tel: 01286 881518

Advice, discounts etc
Supplier: Self Build Motor Caravaners Club

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